How to Live Stream Longer Than 30 Minutes on Canon M50 with Elgato Cam Link | EntreChats Daily

Jul 10, 2019

Live Streaming with the Canon M50 via HDMI using the Elgato Cam Link has had the issue of a 30-minute recording limit until a comment from Youtuber Vito, who shared this hack in the comments.

This is a quick video sharing how to stream longer than 30 minutes on the Canon M50 with the Elgato Cam Link.

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Other Cameras to Consider for Live Streaming & Why I Still Chose My Canon M50| EntreChats Daily

Jun 19, 2019

A quick precursor to an upcoming series to answer all the other, better, options out there when it comes to live streaming video content.

In this video, I'll cover the different options I've considered and why you may NOT want to use the Canon M50 for Live Streaming.


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30 Days Since Quitting My Job & Going Full-Time in My Business| EntreChats Daily Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

One of the greatest decisions I've made is to walk in full faith, quit my job and work my business full-time.

It's now been 30 days since I quit and in this podcast I'm sharing what the journey has been like. I'll also share what has been working and not working.

The EntreChats Daily Podcast is now the Video Simplified Podcast


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The Problem with Buying a "Real" Camera like the Canon M50| EntreChats Daily Podcast

May 29, 2019

The Canon M50 is a great little camera that I've recommended to a ton of people on my YouTube Channel and even my online audience in general for those new to investing in a real camera.

The problem is that once you've decided to get a "real camera" you run into other problems.

In this episode, I share why buying a camera like the M50 isn't for everyone.

 The EntreChats Daily Podcast is now the Video Simplified Podcast

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The Problem w/Buying a Canon M50 & Who Shouldn't Buy It | EntreChats Daily Podcast

May 27, 2019

The Canon M50 has been one of my favorite cameras to use but has a long list of features missing and quite frankly isn't for everyone.

In this live podcast, I'll be sharing why the Canon M50 isn't for everyone and who shouldn't buy it.

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How to keep your audiences attention in video| EntreChats Daily Podcast

Apr 29, 2019

It can be difficult creating videos that aren’t reaching and connecting with your ideal audience, demographic, or ideal client.

There’s one tool the writers of Game of Thrones understand and we’re discussing it in today’s show AND how to use it to keep your audiences attention.

 The EntreChats Daily Podcast is now the Video Simplified Podcast

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Canon M50 Viltrox Speedbooster Long-Term Review | EntreChats Daily

Apr 29, 2019

The Canon M50 Speedbooster by Viltrox has been a legit GAME CHANGER for me and everything I do using the Canon M50.

I almost exclusively only want to use full frame lenses on the Canon M50 since getting the Viltrox Speedbooster.

After 5 months of non-stop use from live streaming, photos and normal videos I LOVE THIS THING!

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The 1 Factor That Easily Ruins Startup Companies| EntreChats Daily Podcast

Apr 23, 2019

When most people want to start a nee business you find just how many awesome tools are out there and quickly realize you still need 1 thing.

In this on the go episode, we discuss what that one thing is and how to avoid make sure you avoid this trap.

 The EntreChats Daily Podcast is now the Video Simplified Podcast.

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Running a Failing Business | EntreChats Daily Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

No one wants to find themselves drowning in sorrow over their failed accomplishments but I think there's a moment in nearly every entrepreneur's journey where they feel like they're failing. They very well could be too, but what do you do about it?

In this weeks episode, I share a little insight into how I felt when I was failing horribly in my business and the first step to get out of it.

The EntreChats Daily Podcast is now the Video Simplified Podcast

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Why Your First 300 Subscribers are The Most Vital! | EntreChats Daily Podcast

Apr 08, 2019

More than anything else I see on YouTube is traditionally about the first 100 or first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, but I don't think those matter as much as the goal of the first 300-500 subscribers someone receives.

In this episode, I share why I believe this is the core group that will matter the most for anyone starting a new youtube channel.

 The EntreChats Daily Podcast is now the Video Simplified Podcast

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