If you're stressing trying to figure out the best tools and services to use as a content-creating entrepreneur, here's a list of my top recommended and used services.

Note: This page includes affiliate links and any purchases may include a discount code when used will provide me a commission for referring you at no additional cost to you.

Video & Live Streaming Tools

Ecamm Live

My go-to content creation tool of choice! This is one of the reasons I completed switched to Mac and it's been SO worth it! It helps not only to create my live streams but to record micro-content for social media, host impromptu meetings and record my podcast all in this one tool.

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Website & Creative Tools

Kajabi All-in-One Website & Course Platform for Creators

My go-to website tool for creative professionals. I would waste a ton of time trying to find tools and plugins to basically build a simple landing page with a linked email opt-in and segment that audience to receive a premium free offer. Now, I can do that in literally 5 minutes. It's incredible!

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If there's anything you need to own, it's your own digital real estate. Name.com is where I go when I'm looking to purchase a piece of property online and quickly grab up a URL.

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I love this platform!

Canva is a great graphic design platform, that I used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, YouTube thumbnails, and other visual content. The app includes templates for users to use. 

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This is my go-to Social Media Scheduling tool!

This will allow you to schedule post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn. It offers a free account for you to experience its great features. 

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This is an All-in-One app for audio transcription, podcasting, screen recording, and audio and video editing. 

I use this tool for creating micro-content and subtitles for my videos. 

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WonderShare Filmora

 This is a great Video Editing Software that a beginner can use. It makes video editing easy for everyone. 

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My favorite go-to place for renting camera gear to try and see if it's right for me before I fully invest in gear. From cameras to lenses, if you're wanting to try before you buy, go LensRentals!

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Camera Gear & Accessories

Cameras I use

Sony A6600 Mirrorless Camera

My perfect camera for all thing content creation. Out of all the cameras I have tried and owned, this one has so many of the right things I need to make creating content easier. I use it daily!

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Sony A6400

My designated live stream camera that's a gem when it comes to creating live video content. Lightning-fast autofocus and so much more in this awesome camera.

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Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera

This punches far above it's weight class in features and specs and is basically an a6600 and Sigma 16mm squeezed into this tiny camera. I adore the ZV-1 camera.

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Sony ZV-E10 Vlogging Camera

This awesome little camera is the brand new vlogging camera that's not only great for vlogging but also live streaming and overall content creation as a whole. 

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Lenses I Use

Sigma 16mm f1.4 Wide Angle Lens

Worth the hype it receives online. Super sharp, focuses like a native Sony lens, and overall just brilliant. 

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Sony 35mm f1.8

A staple for B-Roll and live streaming in my setup. I love this lens.

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Sony 16-50mm Kit Lens

Surprisingly not as terrible as you'd think. You can do some serious damage with this little guy, don't underestimate this kit lens.

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Sony 10-18mm f4 Lens

This lens is the vlogger's paradise for a reason, it's wide, it's sharp, it's awesome.

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Lighting Gear

Viltrox LED Light Kit

Such an amazing and versatile lighting setup. I love these! 

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D-Fuse Pop-Up Softbox

A must when it comes to diffusing my lights for any videos I create. Super sturdy and reliable!

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Audio Gear

Shure SM7B XLR Microphone

This is a legendary microphone for a reason. It's incredible and the perfect companion with the Rodecaster Pro.

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Samson Q2U XLR & USB Microphone

The go-to microphone that I used for nearly 4 years straight without any issues. This thing is a machine for creators.

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Movo VXR10 Shotgun Vlogging Microphone

My current favorite microphone for vlogging and I've used the same microphone for a few years and it's taken a beating and its all-metal body had held up beautifully.

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Rode Wireless Go 2

 A recent addition to my kit and a fantastic addition at that. Again, worth the hype it receives online. They are that good.

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Saramonic Mini Mic

When you want to go super small and incognito for vlogging, this is the microphone you want. Takes up 0 space and great when traveling.

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Rodecaster Pro

 A masterpiece and a must-have for content creators. Period.

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Camera Accessories

Ulanzi Claw Quick Release Plates

These are so great I've updated my entire office with them and my friends have too. These are incredible and are very well built.

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Elgato Cam Link

 A must-have if you want to live stream.

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UURig Sony ZV-1 Base Plate

 One of my favorite accessories that always stays on the Sony ZV-1 and helps to relocate the tripod mount.

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