Did you buy the WRONG Camera?

Dec 12, 2020

It's easy to get caught up buying the wrong camera that doesn't work best for your use case.

Today we do a quick cover of whether or not a small camera, a point n shoot camera, or a mirrorless camera is right for you!

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Don't Wait to Upgrade Your Camera Gear

Dec 09, 2020

If you need to make excuses for your gear, it's not working for you. Period.

Upgrading your gear is not hard, you just have to get out of your own way.

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What is scaring you about creating videos for YouTube?

Dec 06, 2020

Fear is a topic that keeps coming up as we dive deeper into Vlogmas 2020.

So, this vlog poses a simple question around fear and having fear of creating and sharing videos online.

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Should you use your phone or camera for videos?

Dec 05, 2020

Even though the main updates in a phone include the camera, the phone still catches a lot of slack for "not being a real camera".

BUT does it really matter when it comes to creating with your phone or your camera? Let's talk about it!

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How does your customer see you? The Customer's Journey in Business

Dec 04, 2020


What role in your customer's journey are you playing?

If you don't know, the video will help you begin to identify how your customers see your brand when encountered a problem and if your videos are showing up as the solution to that problem.

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4 Video Types to Document Your Journey Using Vlogs

Dec 03, 2020

What type of videos should you create if you're trying to document your journey online outside of your traditional tutorials or more corporate style videos on YouTube?

In this video, I share 4 different content models you can follow and even mix and match to make documentation vlog-style content and still connect and provide value to your audience.

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VSP #42 | How I Use Holiday Deals to Grow My Business

Nov 23, 2020

The holiday sales are here and there are lots of things to consider when trying to figure out what should you buy and what should you pass up the savings on.

In this week's episode, I share how I use this time of the year and holiday deals to not only grow my business with better tools but actually make it much more efficient with some simple new purchases!


Resources Mentioned:

- Honey Browser Extension: https://diana.link/honey

- Ecamm Live: https://diana.link/EcammLive

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How I Stay Motivated & Creative Despite Hard Times

Nov 19, 2020

I get the question a lot in private DM conversations of how do I keep pushing through despite the incredible challenges 2020 has dropped on all of us this year.

I'm no one special with any superpowers but I've learned 2 key things that keep me motivated even when I'm approached with the same thoughts and frustrations of any creator of being good enough, who's going to listen, and on and on.

Just something I wanted to share from the heart and I hope this serves you in moving forward to pursue your dreams and desires despite what's going on in the world, especially in a year like 2020.

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How to Set a Custom White Balance on Your Camera (With & Without a Grey Card)

Nov 17, 2020

How to set a custom white balance on your camera, with or without a grey card, is super easy even if you're a beginner in video!

We're using the Sony a6100 in this video but you can do this on any camera! This is a great way to fix colors in your video from appearing weird or walls and clothes from being super orange to just normal.

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VSP #41 | How to Get More Engagement on YouTube (Part 2)

Nov 16, 2020

Part 2 of last week's episode digging deeper into how you can analyze your YouTube comments to make better content, engage with your audience, and know what audience to create next. 

This week, we're diving into how to identify what I call a pulse with your community and better to identify where your audience is in their customer and content journey.


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