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Assign Buttons to Control Ecamm Live (or Any Software) Using the Loupedeck Live

Assign Buttons to Control Ecamm Live (or Any Software) Using the Loupedeck Live

Feb 16, 2022

How To Customize Loupedeck Buttons?

Have you been using Loupedeck Live?

If you are planning to get the Loupedeck Live or you currently own one, customizing the buttons to control a specific application will make your life easier.

Navigating through all the actions on every app that you use is confusing and a waste of time.

I've been organizing my Loupedeck Live setup with the apps that I always use for content creation. One of them is Ecamm Live App.

If are also using Ecamm Live App and trying to customize your Loupedeck Live buttons, let me show you a very easy and faster way to assign a specific button to a specific page.

Let's dive in.  

How To Navigate Apps on Loupedeck

To navigate a certain app on Loupedeck Live, go to System Profile then select the app that you need. 

Since we are customizing the Ecamm Live App, I selected it and go through its different actions. 

You can see the different actions on the left part of your screen.

If you are trying to find a certain action on your apps like Ecamm Live, scrolling through these different actions could be very confusing and a waste of time. 


How to Assign a Specific Button to a Specific Page in Loupedeck Live

To easily find a specific action, you need to customize your Loupedeck buttons. Organizing them on a specific page will make your life easier. 

Choose a page where you want to customize your Ecamm actions. 

I want my Ecamm buttons to be on Page 2.

Select an empty button and go to the search bar.

Type in and search for the specific action that you want to customize.


⚡️ Pro-Tip ⚡️

Searching for a specific action makes your life easier than navigating all the actions. Use the search bar and type the keyword slowly.

When I type in "Go Live" it appears under the Control action.

Hover your mouse on the small dots beside the action and drag the action to the empty button you have selected.

And that’s it! A new button was added to control my Ecamm Live App.


How to Create a Custom Button/Action on the Loupedeck Live

The cool thing about Loupedeck is you can create custom actions that can go with your new button.

Click on the three dots on the Loupedeck button > Create custom action > select the action you want to add.

Super easy and fun!

Do you want to customize your Loupedeck buttons with a high-resolution icon?


Want to Update Your Loupedeck Live Icons?

You don't need to search for .png files on Google to customize your favorite applications on Loupedeck Live.

I made a tutorial on how you can customize your buttons with high-resolution icons without going to Google. Watch it here


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