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SmallRig Cage Video Accessories: A Game Changing Upgrade for Your ZV-E10

SmallRig Cage Video Accessories: A Game Changing Upgrade for Your ZV-E10

Feb 10, 2022

The Best Smallrig Accessories for the Sony ZV-E10

Have you been using the Zony ZV-E10 and still looking for the best accessories that will protect your camera and will make your content creation easier?

SmallRig has your back!

The SmallRig ZV-E10 camera cage is a custom fit for the Sony ZV-E10 and packed full of features to make creating content easier and adding additional accessories much more efficient! It comes with an array of 1./4"-20 holes and ARRI 3/8" holes all around the cage frame, a sturdy silicone removable grip, and a strong magnet at the base of the cage to hold a tool to tighten or loosen screw plates so you never need to worry about carrying another coin again!

If you already own other camera cages, whether it's from SmallRig or another 3rd party brand, there are a few reasons you may want to consider getting not only the SmallRig cage but some of the included accessories they have for the Sony ZV-E10!


Why SmallRig Camera Cage is the best cage for the ZV-E10?

You might be thinking, "Can I use the Sony a6400 cage for my ZV-E10?"

The Sony ZV-E10 and the Sony a6400 have similarities when it comes to size and weight but it doesn't mean you can use the same cage for these two cameras.

As soon as I got my Sony ZV-E10, I tried to fit it into my a6400 cage.

When I attached the Sony ZV-E10 into the a6400 cage, it fits at the bottom part of the cage but left a big space at the top, front, and on both sides of the camera.  

We use a camera cage to protect our camera from getting broken and for better stability while recording. 

If you use a camera cage that is not a custom fit for your camera like the ZV-E10 to the a6400 cage, you cannot lock your camera into it. The camera is not stable because the weight was not evenly distributed off of the camera body. 

In short, your camera isn't secure.

I love how my ZV-E10 fits in the SmallRig camera cage. It is secured and stable but offers flexibility while recording video.

It gives you full access to the flip screen, battery door, and all the buttons on the camera without making the camera feel bulky. You can easily change your battery and memory card without obstruction.

There is also a little space at the bottom of the cage for your dummy battery cable when using an AC power adapter. 

One of the best qualities of this case that gives optimum protection to your camera is the solid body that was made from metal. It makes the cage super sturdy. 


Is the silicone handle removable?

If you are wondering if you can take off the silicone handle, the answer is YES!

This cage has a removable silicone handle that gives you a comfortable grip experience. It is removable and you can purchase the cage with or without the silicone handle.

What is the little magnetic area for? 

One of my favorite features of this cage is the little magnetic area at the bottom that comes with its little key that is used to tighten the grip. It can be used not just for this cage but also for other things. 

Since it is magnetic, the key is secure and will not fall. 


Small & Lightweight Tripod for Heavy Cameras

Other mini tripods only carry a specific weight of the camera. When your camera is heavy, the ball head on the tripod will move.

Even if your camera is lightweight, it becomes heavy when attached to a cage. You can't rely on a tripod that can't hold weights.

It will be harder for you to find the right angle for your camera and it is impossible to record a video especially when you are moving with the tripod in your hand. 


This SmallRig Mini Tabletop Tripod Stabilizer is the perfect tripod when using the Sony ZV-E10 with the cage. 

It has a mini swivel ball head built-in that allows you to tilt the angle and lock the ball head making your camera secure from moving. It supports vertical or horizontal shooting.

It is also made from metal making it super solid that can hold up to 10kg but it is still lightweight and easy to carry. 

It also has solid rubber feet making it stable and slip-free while recording.

The legs are foldable and perfect for travel vlogging. 


SmallRig L20 16.4 Lavalier Lapel Microphone for Camera and Mobile Phone

It is very convenient for content creators if the microphone that they use is versatile.

The SmallRig L20 16.4 Lavalier Lapel Microphone is super versatile because you can use it for your camera or mobile phone without the need for an adapter. 

It's super handy and easy to use.  


What I love about the SmallRig L20 16.4 Lavalier Lapel Microphone is its control panel that is made of alloy and leather. It has a charging port, device switch, low-cut switch, and gain control switch. 

The key features of the control panel are:

  • You can easily switch between a camera or mobile phone using the device switch. Just slide the button to switch devices.
  • When you are in a noisy environment, you can filter the noise using the low-cut switch.
  • You can add 10db of recording frequency by just adjusting the gain control switch. 

You can use it even at long distances without interference or restrictions because it has a long cable that prevents loss in sound quality. 

Like any other gear, it has a downside too. 

The lapel mic weighs a little bit heavy when clipped on your shirt. It's not stable and will keep on sliding on your shirt which can cause a disturbing sound. To avoid this unnecessary noise, you can use toupee tape to keep the mic in place.


4K HDMI Adapter Cable for the ZV-E10

The Sony ZV-E10 and other APSC cameras have a micro HDMI port. You'll need an adapter to convert the micro HDMI port into a full HDMI port.

SmallRig offers this Ultra-Slim 4K HDMI Adapter Cable that is also perfect with the SmallRig case.

Its great feature is the 2 screws that can be attached to the cage to make it stable and give protection to the HDMI port.

It will not block the USBC, the headphone port, or even the microphone port. It will not also block the port's door. You'll get a neat setup using this adapter.

It's a high-quality HDMI port for your camera.


LED Light for Travel Vlogging

If you are looking for a lighting setup that you can carry with you while vlogging, this Simorr P96L LED RGB Light is the one for you. 

It has full RGB color with a bunch of different effects and modes that will meet your needs.

Its body is made up of aluminum alloy but it is lightweight. It's thin and light that you can carry anywhere while taking video or photos.

It is for long-term use. It has an efficient heat dissipation performance and high-quality lamp beads that prevent overheating.


Final Thoughts

SmallRig really puts their expertise in producing quality accessories that make content creation easier with the Sony ZV-E10 and give protection to your camera. 

The SmallRig camera accessories are worth investing in. 

If you're looking to find all the right accessories for video to pair with your Sony ZV-E10, there are tons of gear to choose from. The key is finding the right gear that'll work great for you, especially when creating video content.

I covered some of the best accessories for the Sony ZV-E10 in my previous post. Click here if you want to learn more. 

If you want an in-depth discussion about the best lenses for the Sony ZV-E10, let's dive into another video. 



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