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5 Deadly Editing Sins to Avoid in Your YouTube Videos Dec 19, 2022

Sometimes you can stress out thinking the headline or the content is bad for a micro-content piece that's underperforming, but the truth is, sometimes it's neither!


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I Should Have NEVER WAITED to Get This Camera Gear! Dec 15, 2022

If there was one thing I regret in my video creative journey, it'd be how SLOW I didn't invest in some items that were right in front of my face smh


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Is There a "Best Lens" for Vlogging, TikTok & YT Videos, and Talking Head Videos on the ZV-E10? Nov 30, 2022

Is there a such thing as the “best lens” for vlogging, TikTok, and YouTube Videos?

Well, let's dive into this subscriber question and see if in the sea of Sony lenses we can find one to rule them all!

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Is the New Sony 10-20mm f4 PZ Lens for You? Nov 08, 2022

If you're vlogging, and you're loving using Sony cameras, the original 10-18mm f4 lens is probably already in your camera bag.

However, the new Sony 10-20mm f4 PZ lens has a few tricks up its sleeve.

And now that the...

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How to Connect & Use Your Sony Mirrorless Camera for Live Streaming Nov 03, 2022

If you've decided to use a Sony Mirrorless Camera and Ecamm Live for Live Streaming, you need to learn how to connect them to get the best quality for your videos.

If you haven't tried Ecamm Live yet, I highly...

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How to Connect Your Social Networks to Ecamm Live Nov 03, 2022

Ecamm Live allows us to livestream on multiple social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and 

If you haven't tried Ecamm yet, I highly encourage you to try it.


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