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VSP #36 | 3 Video Types Every New YouTube Channel Should Have

Sep 07, 2020

If you're struggling to try to decide what type of videos you should create for a new YouTube channel this episode is for you! 

In this episode, we're diving into the 3 video types every new youtube channel should have and if you've have made some of these video types before, this will give you a list of videos you can create even if you've been at creating videos for a while.

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VSP #35 | What to Do When You Aren't Getting Views

Aug 24, 2020

It's easy to get frustrated when you aren't sure why your videos aren't getting views and you're just getting started on YouTube.

In this episode, I'm going to give you the breakdown on how to analyze and audit your videos and how to use that information to produce videos new viewers will actually watch and subscribe for more!

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VSP #34 | How to Revive a Stagnant YouTube Channel

Aug 17, 2020

If you've ever tried growing your youtube channel and feeling like your channel is dead or dying and things have gotten stagnant, this video is for you!

We're taking a deep dive into how to not only grow your YouTube channel but revive an old one if you're feeling like your message just isn't quite working for you any longer.  

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VSP #33 How to Know What Your Audience Wants [Listeners Question Answered]

Aug 03, 2020

What exactly does your audience really want? What's the next video you should make? How do you know if that's their real problem or if you're missing the point?

In this episode, I'm going to share with you how to know what you're audience really wants by breaking down the PERSON part of the person, problem and their pain point strategy to identifying your audience to deliver the content they deeply desire.

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VSP #32 | Getting More People to Subscribe on YouTube

Jul 13, 2020

In this week's podcast, I cover 3 ways to get more people to subscribe to you on YouTube.

...and this isn't the whole "make better videos" or "ask people to subscribe" fluff tips that sometimes get shared online.

These are 3 key questions that if answered correctly, can be the defining reason why more people say YES to you on YouTube vs barely watch the video and leave.

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VSP #31 | The Secret of Smartphone Video

Jun 29, 2020

Most people aren't aware there is a very simple but very serious secret attached to your smartphone when it comes to video.

In this episode, I expose what that secret is and how you can capitalize on it!

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VSP #30 | Why Every Business NEEDS a YouTube Channel

Jun 15, 2020

Businesses are dying because of one thing....they have quickly become irrelevant because they lacked the ability to communicate with their customers.

Even worse, they don't realize their customers...aren't the same as they were BEFORE Covid-19 hit and will be different thereafter.


It is because of this having a YouTube channel will become vital for businesses moving forward.

In this week's episode on the Video Simplified Podcast, I dive deep into why businesses need a YouTube channel and how operating a business in this new economy isn't going to be anything like it has been, even in the last year!

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VSP #28 My Secret for Getting More Views on YouTube

May 19, 2020

Most people want to get more views but don't really have an understanding of why someone would even click to watch your video and stay until the end or a good majority of the video. 

In this episode, I'm going to breakdown a simple 3 step framework for how I am able to continue making videos that keep getting views and how you can do the same!

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May 05, 2020

You can now Live Stream on ANY CAMERA with USB on MAC with NO CAPTURE CARD REQUIRED - Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, even Olympus camera.

You can live stream with no capture using Ecamm Live, you only need to use a USB cable on mac to use with Ecamm Live.

Get a Free Trial of Ecamm Live:

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Live Stream on Canon Camera for PC Users FOR FREE | Canon EOS Utility Beta Release

Apr 29, 2020

Now you can live stream on Canon Cameras for PC Users!

Canon released their new EOS Utility Beta software that lets you live stream on Canon cameras like the M50, 80D, even the G7X Mark III, and a few others for PC users FOR FREE!


To download the new Canon EOS Utility Beta Go here:

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