Canon M50 HDMI vs USB Quality for Live Streaming | My Ecamm Settings & Experience with BOTH

Apr 10, 2020

After MANY comments asking about HDMI vs USB quality for live streaming with Ecamm Live, I'm sharing my Ecamm Live settings and what my experience has been using both HDMI and USB for live streaming with the Canon M50.

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How to Live Stream Longer Than 30 Minutes on Canon M50 with Elgato Cam Link | EntreChats Daily

Jul 10, 2019

Live Streaming with the Canon M50 via HDMI using the Elgato Cam Link has had the issue of a 30-minute recording limit until a comment from Youtuber Vito, who shared this hack in the comments.

This is a quick video sharing how to stream longer than 30 minutes on the Canon M50 with the Elgato Cam Link.

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