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Getting a Fresh Start!

Nov 14, 2018


You'd think that after hosting a website on Wordpress for nearly three years, over 60 podcast episodes, and several blog posts..why would I be willing to just walk away from all that work?

Put simply, change.

I believe as simple as the concept of change is the amount of work required and emotional challenges associated with "letting go" can be the difference between finding that next awesome thing in your life or holding on to what's not working for you.

Why Leave Wordpress

I still HIGHLY recommend Wordpress and still believe it's a fantastic platform. Some of the largest corporations operate their website on the why couldn't I?

That's just the thing, it's not that I couldn' just stopped being the most efficient platform for me. 

When I originally started my coaching business I knew I might add on some additional things later on but nothing like what has expanded into several courses, digital products and a soon launching membership site built and designed for working entrepreneurs!

I'm super pumped for all of what's coming down the pipeline and sharing more content curated for new home-based business owners. 

What About Building on Social?

I love social and anyone that knows me knows my love affair with YouTube over any other platform...that doesn't go without saying...however lol.

Social has revolutionized the availability of what we know as "doing business". Just even thinking back 20 years ago or even 15 years ago, the barrier to entry in nearly every industry was much higher than it is now.

We've seen businesses crash that we previously saw thriving growing up. KB Toys, Blockbuster, most malls across America, and more recently major retail pioneer, Sears.

Change is always coming but major changes have hit the world in communication, video and marketing, and most importantly how we communicate with each other and with companies.

Companies that "get us" thrive, those that don't, aren't just closing their doors to potential revenue but to an entire generation worth of opportunity. 

Despite running a smaller business, I don't intend to neglect the needs of my clients or my audience.

At the end of the day, each social platform continues to expand what they add and begin to copy each other to death, it's still building on rented ground.

To fully take control and maximize what you want to offer your ideal audience and customers, you need something to call your own. 

I feel I have finally found that tool that makes running a business refreshing!