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How to Leverage YouTube for Your Business

How to Leverage YouTube for Your Business

Jul 31, 2021

Top 3 Video Ideas Your Business Should Create

Have you heard of YouTube University?

YouTube is the second largest search engine platform after Google. People use this platform all the time not just for entertainment but also for learning. 

  • Do you want to learn how to cook?
  • Do you want to learn how to do your make-up?
  • How to organize your room?
  • How to use a certain application on your phone?

You name it, everything is on YouTube.

Business owners should also be leveraging YouTube to reach a wider audience and connect deeper with their existing consumer base.

Creating videos and uploading them on YouTube is a great way to introduce your product and service to your people. But entrepreneurs are making the mistake of uploading random videos on their channels hoping that it will help them convert their audience into clients. 

If you are a business owner who wants to use YouTube for marketing purposes, I have 3 different types of videos that you should start creating.



1. "How To" Videos

“How to” is a phrase that was searched on YouTube 450,000 times every single month. How can this phrase help your business?

People love to learn something. They want to:

  • learn a new skill
  • learn about a product
  • learn how to make changes to their daily lives, and more.

Whenever they need to learn something, they go to YouTube. Hence the reason YouTube is often called YouTube University.

When creating a video for your business, think about your ideal target audience. Think about a question that they would ask in your industry.

  • What do they want to know more about?
  • What are some how-to questions they would ask?

You can take these questions and create a video answering that question.

Let's dive into some examples of "How To" videos in different industries. 


Social Media Industry

If you are a Facebook expert, you can create videos that teach people about Facebook.

Sample question:

  • How to create a Facebook Pixel?

This question gets 720 searches on YouTube per month. 

Creating videos around this phrase means you have the potential to reach over 700 people looking to learn how to do Facebook Pixel. 


Virtual Assistant Industry

If you are an online business owner running a Virtual Assistant Agency, you can create a video telling people how to hire someone like you. This is a great way to tell people about your services and offer help to them too. 

Sample question: How to hire a virtual assistant?

This question gets searched on YouTube 320 times per month.

This question was searched by entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource some tasks to help them run the company. Believe it or not, I also searched this question on YouTube when building my team and I learned a lot. Now, I have my team!

Not just entrepreneurs who need Virtual Assistants will benefit from this "How To" video but also entrepreneurs who are starting to offer virtual services can learn from this video.


Real Estate Industry

If you are a real estate agent, you can create videos educating people on buying properties. 

Sample question: 

  • How to buy a house without money down?

This question gets 1900 searches per month. 

“How To” videos are extremely powerful!  

Whatever business you have, wherever niche you are, you can produce tutorial base content. Always remember that people are searching for answers to their specific pain points.

Think about how you can help them.

  • Show them your expertise.
  • Share your knowledge with them.
  • Be their go-to resource. 

Build a content library that can showcase your expertise and become the go-to resource in your niche. 


2. Turn your Frequently Asked Questions Into Videos

Every business, every niche, and every industry has Frequently Ask Questions.  

Instead of leaving your FAQs on your website and waiting for people to discover them, why not turn them into videos and upload them to YouTube?

FAQs can become great video ideas because these pieces of information are what your people need to know about your business.

Discussing your FAQs in a video can help your people understand more about your product or services rather than a single sentence on your FAQ page. 

It will answer their question directly. It will make them trust your brand and will encourage them to avail your offer. 


⚡️ Pro Tip ⚡️: Use the Language of Your Potential Client

Whether it’s a “How To” video or FAQs video, create your video titles the exact way your viewers will say it.

Think about how your potential client would state a phrase or question and enter it into the search bar. 


If you are in the health industry and you want to talk about Hypertension, consider how someone struggling with this would search for it.

How to lower your high blood pressure?


Diagnosis and treatment for hypertension.

The phrase high blood pressure is a more familiar phrase than hypertension. People who are searching for the answer to this question most commonly would use the phrase high blood pressure, not hypertension. Hypertension is the proper phrase an industry professional would use, not a consumer. 


3. Create "Tips" Videos

People are always looking for tips [and strategies].

  • Tips to lose weight fast.
  • Tips to become successful.
  • Tips to look good.
  • Tips to find the perfect love.

Tips videos provide helpful actionable steps. You can give them ways to solve their problem in a step-by-step tips video to help them begin to learn what steps to take to get better results in your niche.

If you can give a solution to your people's problems, they will keep coming back to your channel to learn more from your content positioning you and your brand as the go-to resource for advice in your niche. 

Remember, your goal is to build connections and trust with your audience to convert viewers into clients.


⚡️ Bonus Tip ⚡️ Don’t Use the "Copy and Paste" Method 

Your content doesn't have to live on one social platform only. 

Your Facebook post is not for Facebook only. Your YouTube videos are not just for YouTube. 

Make your content available on any social media platform to reach more people but avoid posting the same content on every social media account you have. 

When repurposing your content, do not do the Copy and Paste Method. 

Your Facebook live will not perform well on YouTube. Your YouTube videos will not work on Instagram and TikTok.

There is a right way to repurpose your content. 

Your Facebook live is one great piece of content that you can share on other platforms like YouTube but you need to make some revisions to make it work. 

Every social media platform has a culture.

Repurpose your content to fit the social media platform you're posting to.


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