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How to Get a Properly Exposed Video on the Canon M50 (Exposure Triangle Explained)

Nov 03, 2018

As of 2021, if you're wanting to get an M50, I recommend Getting the Mark 2 vs the original: 

Get the settings needed for live streaming and video on the Canon M50 for Video Guide: 

This is a full-length tutorial and explanation when getting proper exposure in a video on the #CanoM50.

We'll explain in-depth what the exposure triangle is and how each part helps in getting proper exposure in a video on the M50. Trying to understand the exposure triangle as a beginner was super difficult for me at first and it may be for you too, but I think this video will help you out a lot when you're exposing for your videos.

We will be using the Manual Mode on the camera or you can be in the video mode, either is fine.


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