Does the "Bokeh Button" Work on the Sony ZV-E10 Kit Lens for Video?

Sep 29, 2021

Does the "Bokeh Button" on the Sony ZV-E10 work on the kit lens? Can you get a blurry background on the ZV-E10 with the kit lens at all?

If you're new to video this stuff can get confusing at times and even with the bokeh button of the ZV-E10 for video it still has some limitations when used with the kit lens.

Time Stamp:

  • 0:00 Introduction about the Sony ZV-E10
  • 0:19 One of the greatest features of the Sony ZV-E10
  • 0:42 Why did I reprogram the Bokeh Button?
  • 1:21 Why Bokeh button may not be helpful when using kit lens?
  • 2:25 How do you get a blurry background on a kit lens?
  • 3:24 How to get a blurry background using the Sigma 16mm F1.4?
  • 3:55 How to get a blurry background using the Sony 16mm F2.8?
  • 5:29 More video tutorial about Cameras and lenses for you  


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