Video Simplified for Entrepreneurs

Video Simplified for Entrepreneurs

You know YouTube and online video is important, and you know you should be making more videos but you still haven't.

You are trying to juggle family, friends, work, and feel pulled in ten different directions.

No matter what business you're in or what audience you serve, there's a community waiting to view your content, even if you're new!

YouTube cares about one thing, delivering relevant content to the audience, so they stay on the platform longer.

If you're ready to get started learning to create consistent content, build an online community that loves what you post, and drives traffic to your business, see if coaching is right for you!

What’s included:

  • ​Nine 1-on-1 Private Coaching Sessions (via phone or video conference)
  • ​Outline a Video Marketing Strategy, so your videos can drive traffic to your business
  • ​Learn to Research Topics in Your Niche to show up in search on YouTube
  • ​Ways to simplify recording your videos so it's not taking all day to record videos
  • ​A simplified process to edit your videos
  • ​Review your YouTube analytics, even if you're new, and show you how to review your content so YouTube shares out more of your content
  • ​Show you how to continue creating consistent, relevant content your audience will love!

What’s NOT Included:

  • ​Multiple Coaching Packages at different prices. There’s one set price, so you aren’t stressing how much of which service you need. There’s ONE coaching package to help you start creating relevant content and get results.
  • ​Magic Fairies. This is a real one. I want you to know upfront creating content on YouTube means you have to do the work to get results. No wands or fairies, just simple steps to help you create content that your audience desires to watch.


  • ​You want to grow your online community on YouTube
  • ​You’re super motivated
  • ​You want some guidance to do avoid running in circles
  • ​You want to benefit from the experience that's taken me from 0 to over half a million views on YouTube

Then YES it’s definitely MADE FOR YOU!!

I know you have something inside of you that you’ve been just CRAVING to get out and share with the world!

One of my favorite quotes says,

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”

You don’t need to be perfect, and the people that need your gifts, talents, and skills the most deserve to meet you!

Ready to Get Started?

30-Minute Consultation Call

Dedicated time to address one or two primary issues you're needing help with. While this call is structured to best serve our time together, it doesn't allow space for deep coaching and training but is still extremely valuable.

1-Hour Consultation Call

Similar to my coaching sessions with my coaching clients, this call is dedicated to addressing your specific pain points per your questionnaire for YouTube Channel Review, Video Marketing Coaching, or Tech assistance greater than a 30-Minute will provide.