Video Simplified Podcast w/ Diana Gladney

Video Simplified Podcast w/ Diana Gladney

Hosted by: Diana Gladney

The video marketing podcast dedicated to helping business entrepreneurs simplify and create better videos to create deeper connections with your audience using video to share your vision and purpose with those who...

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VSP Ep. 91 | The New LinkedIn RoadMap for Brands & Creators with Alex Minor

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to grow your brand as a business owner and a creator. But most of us are not leveraging the platform.  In this week's episode, I'm chatting with my good friend Alex Minor, a video...
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VSP #90 | Redefine Your Independence

Episode #90

Today in the U.S. it's Independence Day and while many Americans will spend the day joined with family, resting, and for some still focused on how you can truly create your own independence. In today's episode, we...
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VSP Ep. 89 | Next Level Church YouTube Media: Vlogging, Documenting Your Journey, and Sharing Your Ministry w/Trey VanCamp

If you wanted to scale and showcase your ministries' work, one of the best ways to do that is by vlogging. Documenting and showing what that process looks like building your ministries, sharing the personalities...
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VSP Ep. 88 | Copywriting Secrets for Video Content Creators ANY Business Can Leverage

Copywriting is the business secret that every successful company understands but doesn't want to disclose to you to make sure you buy and it works, every time! This week we're speaking with the Copywriting Master,...
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VSP Ep. 87 | Over Buying Gear & Under Producing

Have you ever bought something and later ended up hating it? Or literally just bought a ton of stuff and you're staring at it like, "What the heck do I do with all this stuff?"That was me a few short years ago. This...
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VSP Ep. 86 | Should You Script Your Videos or Wing It?

Episode #8

Whether you're new or have been recording content for a while, cranking out videos IS WORK! For that reason, some people prefer to sit down and wing it with no plans other than a general idea for a video. Other people...
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VSP Ep. 85 | Getting Comfortable & Confident on Camera as an Introvert

Episode #7

If you've been struggling as an introvert trying to start a YouTube channel or literally record your next video asking yourself, "How can I overcome my fear of being on camera?" or "How can I talk comfortably with my...
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VSP #84 What Will Smith, Chris Rock & "The Slap" Exposes for Creators

Episode #6

Many people are discussing the conversation between Will Smith and Chris Rock that aired on television at The Oscars but this is a conversation that stirs up and exposes so many other issues in media, building a brand...
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VSP #83 | How I Created a Never-Ending List of Content Ideas for My YouTube Channel

Episode #5

When I first created my YouTube channel I wondered if I'd have enough content ideas to still be making content one even two years later. In this podcast episode, I share how I went from a few video ideas to 100s to...
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VSP #82 | How Far is YouTube Going to Take YouTube Podcasts w/Doc Rock (Part 2)

Episode #4

Just how far is YouTube willing to take YouTube Podcasts or is it just a temporary fad that's trending? If you're a creator wondering if you should start a podcast or bring your existing one to YouTube my buddy Doc...
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VSP #81 | YouTube Podcasts, Creator Inconsistencies & Next Level Creator Thinking w/Doc Rock (Part 1)

Episode #3

In this 2-part conversation with Doc Rock, we're diving into a really dope conversation on how creators can start taking a big picture look at podcasts on YouTube, the creator market for podcasts, and just a really...
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VSP #80 | Crafting Titles Your Viewers Can't Pass Up

Episode #2

Have you ever struggled with crafting a YouTube Title and not really sure what you should call it? This week we're diving into how you can make your audience feel like you're a mind reader simply by your YouTube...
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