Video Simplified Podcast w/ Diana Gladney

Video Simplified Podcast w/ Diana Gladney

Hosted by: Diana Gladney

The video marketing podcast dedicated to helping business entrepreneurs simplify and create better videos to create deeper connections with your audience using video to share your vision and purpose with those who...

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VSP #83 | How I Created a Never-Ending List of Content Ideas for My YouTube Channel

Episode #5

When I first created my YouTube channel I wondered if I'd have enough content ideas to still be making content one even two years later. In this podcast episode, I share how I went from a few video ideas to 100s to...
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VSP #82 | How Far is YouTube Going to Take YouTube Podcasts w/Doc Rock (Part 2)

Episode #4

Just how far is YouTube willing to take YouTube Podcasts or is it just a temporary fad that's trending? If you're a creator wondering if you should start a podcast or bring your existing one to YouTube my buddy Doc...
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VSP #81 | YouTube Podcasts, Creator Inconsistencies & Next Level Creator Thinking w/Doc Rock (Part 1)

Episode #3

In this 2-part conversation with Doc Rock, we're diving into a really dope conversation on how creators can start taking a big picture look at podcasts on YouTube, the creator market for podcasts, and just a really...
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VSP #80 | Crafting Titles Your Viewers Can't Pass Up

Episode #2

Have you ever struggled with crafting a YouTube Title and not really sure what you should call it? This week we're diving into how you can make your audience feel like you're a mind reader simply by your YouTube...
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VSP #79 | Is Your YouTube Content Clear or Confusing?

Episode #1

If a stranger came to your channel, how easily can they identify what your channel is about? If someone shared your channel link and someone replied, "What's this channel about?" would they be able to easily answer...
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VSP Ep. 78 | How to Get Unstuck in Your Content in Under 10 Minutes!

Episode #78

This is episode can be the difference between still planning by January 1 or already in beast mode and executing by December 31st.If you're stuck, it's time to get unstuck. Let's go! Support the show...
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VSP #77 | Do you have a thumbnail problem or a content problem? [YouTube Analytics Explained]

Episode #77

Have you ever wondered why the watch time is higher on some videos and lower on others?You may have either a content problem or a thumbnail problem but which is it?This week we're diving into what's making your videos...
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VSP #76 | The 1 Thing I Avoid Doing During the Holiday Sales

Episode #76

Did you survive the flurry of holiday deals and discounts or go bust? lol Well, there's one thing I make sure to avoid and really think through to avoid during these holiday deals and I'm going to share with you what...
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VSP Ep. 75 | My Simple Notes Workflow to Execute Video Ideas

Episode #75

When you're new to creating content it's easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of content tools, planners and all kinds of other accessories that can honestly make creating more complex than it needs to be.If you...
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VSP Ep. 74 | When Watching Tutorials Begin to Hurt Your Creative Process

Episode #74

When do tutorials get to the point that they're really not helpful at all?That's what we're covering in this week's episode of the podcast!If you want to share your thoughts around this topic or something else you...
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VSP Ep. 73 | Mark, The Metaverse & Video | Is Zuckerberg About to Redefine Video?

Episode #73

Mark Zuckerberg has made the announcement that Facebook is now "Meta" as in Metaverse a new and matured company rebranding. In Mark's presentation and keynote about this event, he showcased several areas of how Meta...
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VSP #72 | How the ZV-E10 Performed Travel Vlogging

Episode #72

This month I had the awesome pleasure of traveling to speak at People of Video in Albany New and man on man what an experience! Not only that, I extended my trip to one full week with a pit stop to NYC to go to...
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