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The EntreInsiders Video Academy will help learn to create professional videos to share your message and get your business visible in 2019!



live group coaching

At the end of each weeks lesson we'll have a live group coaching to cover any questions and dive deeper into training. Even have your videos and content reviewed for feedback.

included downloadables

You won't have to write out how to do what you're learning, each week will have a printable pdf with fillable areas to save you time and focused on creating pro videos for your business.

facebook community

You'll have access to the EntreInsiders Video Academy Private Facebook Group to share your wins, test videos and post questions for the weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls when you join the Academy. 

Meet Your New Instructor

Hey there Insider, my name is Diana Gladney! I have been creating videos for over three years and after being paid thousands of dollars for video projects for clients, creating and editing videos for non-profits and my personal business...there's a TONS of things I'd wish I'd known when I first got started in video.

Even well into the first year of creating videos.

Creating Pro Videos isn't a gift, it's a skill that can be learned by anyone. When you have the right tools and have the right formula to complete them in the right order, you too can create professional quality video and I can't wait to teach you how in this course!

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Course Overview

Here's a Look at Some of the Topics We'll Be Covering

Module 1: How to Discover Profitable Video Content Ideas

  • Learn how to come up with topics for your videos. Using the "Pro Video Idea" framework, learn to narrow down ideas to your most profitable video topics.

Module 2: Building a Professional Recording Area at Home

  • Learn a systematic approach to recording videos that will eliminate stress and streamline your time investment. Using the "Home Set-Up RTE" (Record to Edit) cheat sheet, you'll learn how to make recording a breeze from any location.

Module 3: The #1 Component to Creating Bingeable Video Content

  • Learn how to create content that will captivate viewers, causing them to binge watch your videos, which will prime them for purchasing your products and services.

Module 4: Quick & Easy Techniques for Creating Videos

  • Learn how to create default camera settings that can be used for 80% of your videos.
  • How to record fun and professional looking content, even if you're by yourself and on a budget.
  • The exact tools and studio setup I use and how you can replicate without spending a ton of money
  • Learn a simple video recording framework that helps speed up the learning curve so you can record and edit videos faster!

Module 5: Editing Your Videos with Ease

  • Learn to use the easiest video editors for non-video editors
  • How to edit videos using the RTE (Record to Edit) process to avoid wasting hours of editing videos
  • Learn how to record, edit and upload a polished video in 2-hours or less!
  • How to level up your online and YouTube videos to brand your online videos

Module 6: The Power of Small Video Series

  • Learn how to create a small but powerful 4-part video series using the Video Series Template that will help you create over a months worth of content in a couple of hours. (Perfect for those with busy family schedules and limited timeframes to create video content.)
  • You'll start creating your first 2 videos of your new series with a content calendar
  • Fillable  workflow templates
  • Grow your email list and increase traffic to your business (and hopefully have your first pro video series launch!)

Checklist, Templates, Cheat Sheets and Plans

  • I'm also going to give you my templates, cheat sheets and systems I use that you can literally fill in the blank every time you're ready to create a video or new series. These resources alone will be incredibly valuable and save your tens (or hundreds) of hours as you create your professional videos.

6 Weeks of Live Group Q&A Coaching with Me

  • I'll answer your questions LIVE in a group setting.

Quick Video Academy Site Tour

  • Join me in a quick video tour where we'll visit all the awesome places within the Academy. See how to access your video modules, including the PDF printables and how to join our weekly group coaching live streams. 
  • You'll also get a quick tour of the Facebook Group where you can meet your other course attendees and where you can submit questions ahead of time for a weekly live group coaching calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The timer at the top of this page is real. The course is only available for purchase for a few days and then the doors to join the course end. If the doors close prior to the end of the timer, the maximum capacity of the session has been met and you can join the waitlist to be notified when the next session is available.

Your bonuses to the course will become available within week 2 and 3 of the course and will remain accessible for the lifetime of your membership to the Academy.

Yep!  Split payments are available if you prefer to break your payments up into 2 monthly payments or you can save a few dollars and pay all at once.

Since the course is 6 weeks, your second payment will generally post near the end of the course.

Until your second payment posts you will maintain access to the full course contents and your 2nd payment will post around 4 weeks from your original purchase date.

So, you don't have to go back in and add any additional payment information, you can keep learning and maintain lifetime access to the course.

No worries! There is a 7-day Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 7 days of the course, you don't feel like this course is a great fit for you, simply shoot us an email for a full refund.

Yes! This course is a digital marketing course for video to get your business more visible and there are steps after the trainings to immediately begin implementing what you'll learn. To do that, you're going to need a camera.

The great news is you already have one in your pocket or in your hand right now! You can purchase a mirrorless camera, web camera or you can simply use the camera you already have on your smartphone.

The course will make mention of some video features found on an actual camera but there are several free and paid apps that give you those abilities on your phone.

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