May 05, 2020

You can now Live Stream on ANY CAMERA with USB on MAC with NO CAPTURE CARD REQUIRED - Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, even Olympus camera.

You can live stream with no capture using Ecamm Live, you only need to use a USB cable on mac to use with Ecamm Live.

Get a Free Trial of Ecamm Live:

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Live Stream on Canon Camera for PC Users FOR FREE | Canon EOS Utility Beta Release

Apr 29, 2020

Now you can live stream on Canon Cameras for PC Users!

Canon released their new EOS Utility Beta software that lets you live stream on Canon cameras like the M50, 80D, even the G7X Mark III, and a few others for PC users FOR FREE!


To download the new Canon EOS Utility Beta Go here:

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Canon M50 HDMI vs USB Quality for Live Streaming | My Ecamm Settings & Experience with BOTH

Apr 10, 2020

After MANY comments asking about HDMI vs USB quality for live streaming with Ecamm Live, I'm sharing my Ecamm Live settings and what my experience has been using both HDMI and USB for live streaming with the Canon M50.

Free Trial of Ecamm Live:

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Power Adapter Options for Canon M50 [2020] | Unlimited Battery Power with Battery Bank

Mar 31, 2020

Live Streaming on your Canon M50 requires a lot of battery life and power, more than what the battery can provide.

In this video, I share some power adapter options for both the wall (AC power adapter) as well as a USB power adapter so you can use a battery bank with your Canon M50.

Note: The Canon M50 doesn't charge any battery internally but the USB power adapter will let you connect a power bank and run power to the camera as if the USB battery power bank is the battery.

***power adapters recommended***

- Kapaxen AC Power Adapter Lp-e12:

- Raeisusp USB Power Option (to use with battery bank):

- Canon Branded Power Adapter:

- Canon Dummy adapter:

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Ecamm Live Pro or Standard for Live Streaming on a Mac 2020 | Which is Better?

Mar 26, 2020

If you're wanting to live stream on a Mac the absolute best way to do that is with Ecamm Live!

If you're not sure whether or not you should invest in the Standard or Pro account, in this video I share why what each package has and which one I recommend for busy entrepreneurs!

Live streaming on a Mac doesn't get any better than Ecamm Live and it's the best budget-friendly option if you're planning on live streaming for your business or church.

To get a free 14 day trial of all the Pro features on Ecamm Live click here:

Want the Ultimate Guide for Live Streaming? It's here!

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Rode Wireless GO Test- 24 hrs Later| First Impressions| EntreWoman TV

Sep 02, 2019

24hrs after getting the Rode Wireless GO and using it in a video shoot, these are my first impressions using it within the first 24 hours.

I've used a simple lapel microphone for most of my videos and using audio cables and cords.

In addition to some upcoming client videos I have to shoot, I wanted to see how well this would work for me as well.


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Are There Benefits of Working a Job and Your Passion at the Same Time? | EntreWoman TV

Jul 17, 2019

Everyone goes through a time where they just hate their job but while you have a jo and you're working your passion part-time are there benefits of doing both?

In this video, I share my thoughts on today's topic and what I did when I had both a job and worked my business part-time.

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How to Live Stream Longer Than 30 Minutes on Canon M50 with Elgato Cam Link | EntreChats Daily

Jul 10, 2019

Live Streaming with the Canon M50 via HDMI using the Elgato Cam Link has had the issue of a 30-minute recording limit until a comment from Youtuber Vito, who shared this hack in the comments.

This is a quick video sharing how to stream longer than 30 minutes on the Canon M50 with the Elgato Cam Link.

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Should You Set Standards When Working with Clients? | EntreChats Daily

Jul 10, 2019

Since going full-time in my business I've had conversations with other clients and friend also full-time entrepreneurs and one of the themes that keep coming up is what things you do or do not accept when it comes to working with clients.

In the video, we're going to cover if setting boundaries is actually a good idea or if it'll hurt your business.


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Other Cameras to Consider for Live Streaming & Why I Still Chose My Canon M50| EntreChats Daily

Jun 19, 2019

A quick precursor to an upcoming series to answer all the other, better, options out there when it comes to live streaming video content.

In this video, I'll cover the different options I've considered and why you may NOT want to use the Canon M50 for Live Streaming.


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