Sony ZV-E10 Settings for Video | Every Menu for Video

Sep 04, 2021

We're breaking down every menu in the new Sony ZV-E10 to optimize your camera for video recording and live streaming.

If you're confused about some video settings and how they impact your video, we'll cover each tab in-depth as well as the My Menu settings and what I use for my regular content creation.

We'll even cover customizing the buttons and menus in the Quick Function settings in the Sony ZV-E10.

🚀 If you're brand new to video and you're struggling on the best camera settings for video with your kit lens, this video is for you: 

🖥 The Best Lenses for Live Streaming on Sony Camera: 



📸 What camera do I use? 📸

👉🏽 This one: 

What lens do I use?

👉🏽 This one: 

🎙 What microphone do I use?

👉🏽 This one: 

Want to know what other gear I recommend and use?

👉🏽 You can find it here: 


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