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Get Unlimited Battery Life on the Sony ZV-E10

Dec 17, 2021


The battery life on the Sony ZV-E10 isn't its strong point and if you want to live stream you're going to want unlimited battery power from an ac adapter or a power bank.

Luckily in this video, I share my two favorite options for unlimited battery life on the Sony ZV-E10!

✅ Sony ZV-E10 Camera: 

✅ Sony AC Adapter for ZV-E10: 


3rd Party Budget AC Adapters for ZV-E10:

✅ Gonine: 

✅ Raeisusp: 

✅ 10400 Small Power Bank: 

✅ Kastar Portable Charger: 


Chapter Titles:

  • 0:00 Does the ZV-E10's Battery Life Suck?
  • 0:31 ZV-E10 Battery Life Test Results
  • 0:45 AC Adapters to Avoid
  • 1:13 The Best AC Power Adapter Options
  • 1:53 How to Connect the AC Adapter to the Camera
  • 2:16 AC Adapter Performance
  • 2:29 AC Adapter Alternative (USB-C Power Adapter)
  • 4:11 Which option do you plan to use?