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Sony ZV-1 or ZV-E10 w/Kit Lens | Which Has Better Background Blur on a Budget?

Apr 22, 2022

Finding it hard to choose between the Sony ZV-1 vs Sony ZV-E10?

Getting a blurry background on a budget can be a tough decision. Especially as more cameras are getting harder to find.

When one is available, which one is worth your hard-earned money, ZV-1 or the ZV-E10?

When you're considering a camera, think about what will be best for how you plan to create content. - Will swapping lenses annoy you? - Do you want to eventually build up your lens options to get the best quality possible?

In this video, I share my experience with both cameras, why I think the ZV-1 is the better option for some and how to choose which one might be right for you!