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How to Connect & Use Your Sony Mirrorless Camera for Live Streaming

How to Connect & Use Your Sony Mirrorless Camera for Live Streaming

Nov 03, 2022

If you've decided to use a Sony Mirrorless Camera and Ecamm Live for Live Streaming, you need to learn how to connect them to get the best quality for your videos.

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In this tutorial, I will show you how you can connect your Sony Mirrorless Camera to Ecamm Live using USB and HDMI set up and which is a better set up for you. 

Let's dive in. 



If you're working on your camera settings, always make sure your camera battery is fully charge. 

This way, you don't have to worry your camera battery running out as you go through different tabs and pages of your camera settings menu.


Connect Your Camera to Ecamm via USB 

Let's go over the Network Settings of your camera menu settings.

You can find it at the 3rd tab of your camera menu settings, represented by a Globe Icon.


Go over to the PC Remote Function.

In this page, some options are greyed out because I am connected via HDMI.

On the first page, set the PC Remote to ON and the PC Remote Connect to USB.


These 2 settings are the only thing that you need to set on this page. 

In case you received error message upon updating the PC Remote Function, you need to check your Smartphone Connection Settings.

The Smartphone connection might be set to ON that's why it won't allow you to connect via USB. 

Go over to the Smartphone Connect.


Set the Smartphone Connection option to OFF

When you set it OFF, you wouldn't be able to use your smartphone as your camera while livestreaming with your Sony mirrorless camera via USB.


Here's a sample shot on the Sony ZV-E10 natively built into Ecamm using the USB connection.


Most creators love this kind of set up. 

In this set up, you don't need any capture card, and you don't to change much on the setting on your camera.

It's super easy and simple. You can go live while your camera is charging at the same time. 

Just fix the PC Remote Function Settings, and you're good to go!


Connect Your Camera to Ecamm via HDMI

This setup is different from the USB connection.

It will require you some gear to connect your camera to your computer. 

First, you'll need a USB Micro adapter.

Second, you'll also need a Capture Card.

A Capture Card will capture the image from the camera and send it to your computer. 

And lastly, you'll need a USB 3.0 adapter

Connect your camera to your computer using these three items.

Attached the USB micro adapter to your camera and the other side to the capture card. 

Then, use the USB 3.0 adapter to connect the capture card to the computer. 


You can also use a USB-C if you're a Mac user. 

Let's go over your camera settings.

Open the Setup2 Tab.

You can find it at the 5th tab of your camera menu settings, represented by a Suitcase or a Tool Box icon.



Go over to the HDMI Settings.

On the first page, set the HDMI resolution to 2160p/1080p to make sure that you get the highest video quality possible, whether you choose to live stream in 1080p or 4K.


For the Output, I set it to 60p since I use 30fps for my set-up. 


When it comes to the HDMI Information Display, for the purpose of this training, it was set to ON.

But when you're doing a live stream, make sure to set this OFF.


Setting this to OFF will hide all the icons' menu on your camera screen while live streaming. 

Let's go over to the 3rd Page of the HDMI Settings tab.

Go to the USB Power Supply option and set it to ON

Turning this option ON can help your camera recharge its battery when connected to a USB-C Adapter. 


⚡️ Pro-Tip ⚡️ AC Power Option for Unlimited Battery Life

When live streaming, you need unlimited battery life.

Sony mirrorless camera batteries can last for few hours when fully charged, but you need to make sure that it will last until the end of your show. 

I highly recommend investing in an AC adapter that you can plug in directly into an electric outlet.


You can also connect it to a USB battery bank. It's very convenient to use when you're traveling and has no access to an electric outlet. 

I personally love using the AC adapter with a battery bank when I'm doing live stream and long form of content. 


Here's a sample shot on the Sony ZV-E10 natively built into Ecamm using the HDMI connection.


I personally love using the HDMI Setup. 

In this setup, I'm free to charge my camera while live streaming or recording long form of content. 

I also love that all menu icons were disabled. I don't see any icons on my camera screen. 


Which Setup is Better, via USB or via HDMI?

Both setups are great to use for doing a live stream. 

The best setup will always depend on your current setup and the need of your workflow. 

If you're just getting started, the USB setting is just right for you.

But if you're ready to invest into gear for better live streaming experience, feel free to use the HDMI setting. 


What are the best camera settings for live streaming? 

Creating a video content is not just about investing in a camera and knowing how to connect it to Ecamm Live. 

You also need to learn the best camera setting for video, especially if you're doing live shows using a Zoom app or Google meet. 

Watch the video tutorial here and I will walk you through every setting that you need to optimize for video. 


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