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Power Adapter Options for Canon M50 [2020] | Unlimited Battery Power with Battery Bank

Mar 31, 2020

Canon M50 Power Adapter Options

*Updated May 4, 2022

Live Streaming on your Canon M50 requires a lot of battery life and power, more than what the battery can provide.

In this video, I share some power adapter options for both the wall (AC power adapter) as well as a USB power adapter so you can use a battery bank with your Canon M50.

Note: The Canon M50 doesn't charge any battery internally but the USB power adapter will let you connect a power bank and run power to the camera as if the USB battery power bank is the battery.    The Kapaxen AC Power Adapter is no longer available for purchase.


Recommended Power Adapter Options:

Canon Branded Power Adapter (Purchase Here)

Update: Canon has finally released their own creator bundle for the Canon M50 Power Adapter options.



Raeisusp Power Adapter (Purchase Here)




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