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Best Sony ZV-1 Accessories for Video | Top 3 Must-Haves PLUS Bonus!

Best Sony ZV-1 Accessories for Video | Top 3 Must-Haves PLUS Bonus!

Mar 18, 2021

The Sony ZV-1 is an incredible camera that I use daily for content creation.

If you plan to own or you already own this kind of camera, you may also want to invest in some accessories that can help you create better content, will give protection to your camera, and also give you better video quality.

There are a lot of accessories on the market but the right combination of accessories makes the difference in creating content easier or being stressed feeling like your setup is missing something.

 We're going to dive into my top 3 favorite accessories that are absolute must-haves with the Sony ZV-1.

After using several cameras for in-office content creation and travel vlogging, I've also listed some bonus accessories for the ZV-1 that will make content creation easier. 


On the Go Microphone

Saramonic Mini Shotgun Microphone

Audio always comes first.

The Sony ZV-1 is lightweight and compact and I've found best paired with accessories that don't take away from that, making it bulky.

When it comes to microphones, a small and super easy to set up is best for portability, especially when you are travel vlogging.

The Saramonic Mini Shotgun Microphone is a great little microphone that fits perfectly with the Sony ZV-1 camera.

I used this while vlogging in the airport. With a long flight ahead I planned to take a nap on the plane and wanted to put away my camera. This super small mic made it easy to put away.

With other setups that use mics like the Rode VideoMicro, you'd need to completely unscrew the mic from the hot shoe, which takes up more space in your bag.

With this setup, they both easily slide into a small jacket or bag pocket without taking up any real space.

Just plug it in and you can start recording. Whether you are recording in front or from behind the camera, you can easily flip the mic forward or flip it back towards you.

Advertisements are always saying how pocketable something is but this setup truly was. It made for a painless and enjoyable traveling experience.


Sony ZV-1 USB Battery Kit

Sony Travel DC Charger Kit

When creating video content, your battery life is vital to making sure you capture your favorite memorable moments.

I don’t own or use a ton of extra batteries. I only bring two batteries with me when traveling, one that's charging and one that's in use.

Don't forget, you can also charge the battery in your camera internally. It's no different than how you operate with your smartphone daily. You can always top off your battery in the camera.

The Sony Travel DC Charger Kit makes charging super convenient.

It is tiny, takes up zero space, and is perfect for traveling.

I always have a battery bank on me which I use to charge other devices like my smartphone.

If you charge your batteries by connecting to the micro USB cable supplied with the camera, you stop worrying about your battery life.

I love this charging kit. I never travel with my Sony ZV-1 without it.


Sony ZV-1 AC Power Adapter

Raeisusp DC Drive Cable for Sony ZV-1

If you are planning to have a live stream, record a podcast, or create long-form of content, you’ll need unlimited battery life.

The Raeisusp AC power adapter is my go-to for unlimited battery power. 

Because this has a USB end, it can connect to a wall adapter or run off a power bank.

There are requirements for using this with a power bank but generally, if you see two charging options on your battery bank, the higher power option works best.

Here's a link to the battery bank I use here.

An unreliable AC power adapter will break your camera. (Trust me, I've done it before smh)

When looking for good third-party stuff, the Raeisusp brand is my go-to third-party brand.

I’ve been using this brand with my Sony a6600 and with my Canon Cameras and they never disappoint.

There are other brands on the market that recommend the same type of performance, but this is the only brand I've used long-term since owning the camera that I can personally recommend. 

Don’t just buy any brand on Amazon when it comes to AC power adapters. Check out the Raeisusp brand.


Getting More Out of Your Travel Setup

UURIG Mount (Bottom Camera Plate)

This is one of my favorite accessories for the Sony ZV-1.

It helps to relocate the battery door which Sony weirdly placed on this camera and blocked any ability to mount the camera to a tripod or quick release plate.

This was needed if you planned to live stream on your camera and needed to connect an AC adapter.

Which you also needed so that you could leave the battery door open because Sony also neglected to put a cable door (usually housed on the battery door flap) on the Sony ZV-1. 

On other cameras, this isn't an issue which is why this UURig base plate was kit.

It makes life easier when we need to change the battery or when your camera is connected to a battery adapter and the battery door needs to stay open. The camera will stay on and working. It also helps us to relocate the tripod adapter.

This accessory supports vertical video shooting as well. Another must-have ZV-1 accessory for video.


Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

This is my favorite on-the-go tripod. It is small, simple, sturdy, and small enough to fit into my side water pouch on my small sling backpack.

It also has a built-in ball head that is used to adjust and angle it towards you. 

There are similar knock-off designs on Amazon but they honestly suck and aren't worth it. I've tried some and they're always disappointing with super cheap platic parts that break easily or operate weirdly. They're always a waste of money. 

This is a perfect mini tripod.


Ulanzi Claw Quick Release Plate

I use these for all my cameras and the ZV-1 is no exception.

Unlike other quick-release plates, the Ulanzi Claw Quick Release Plate is a square format plate that is small enough to prevent blocking the battery door on smaller cameras. Not just the ZV-1 but any of my Sony APS-C cameras like the Sony ZV-E10.

 This quick release allows you to quickly install the camera on a tripod or gimbal without any twisting or screwing like arca swiss style plates. But if you're using an arca swiss plate, these also have slits in the bottom of the plate to be used on either plate setup.


Elgato Cam Link 4K Capture Card

If you’re looking for a capture card that you can use for a long time, I only recommend one capture card and that’s the Elgato Cam Link.

The Cam Links help you to turn your camera into a webcam. The Sony ZV-1 has clean HDMI so you can live stream via the micro HDMI port. I prefer to use L-Shaped micro HDMI cables to make sure I can also access other areas of the camera like the USB port or the mic port.  

If you need a longer extension, make sure you're using a longer HDMI cable or longer USB 3.0 cable great for data transfers.


Honorable Mention

If you are using the Sony Xperia Smartphones, it has an HDMI port that is used to connect your camera to your phone and live stream with 5G, 4G LTE.

You can use that HDMI port for the Sony ZV-1 or any camera with clean HDMI out.

This is not necessarily an accessory but it’s an amazing feature that you should be aware of.

So when you have Sony Xperia, you can have an incredible looking live-stream on the go that looks like you’ve recorded at home.


Final Thoughts

These accessories are must-haves when it comes to my video content creation with my Sony ZV-1. To get the right setup for video creation, think through how you plan to create and what would make things easier for you. Then, invest in a system of gear and accessories that will work for you.

With the right accessories, the Sony ZV-1 is the ultimate content creation machine!


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