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Best Memory Cards for the Sony ZV-E10 for Video

Best Memory Cards for the Sony ZV-E10 for Video

Sep 30, 2021

Which memory card is best for the Sony ZV-E10 Mirrorless Camera?

When it comes to content creation, memory cards are must-haves.
Smartphones and tablets nowadays come with built-in memory but if you are creating your content using a dedicated camera, you will need to buy a memory card where your photos and videos will be stored.
There are different memory cards that suit different use cases. Some are better suited for action cameras, others for full-fledged photography with little to no benefit to video creators.
Understanding all the numbers written on the memory cards can be confusing especially when you are new to content creation.
Buying a memory card is not just picking the cheapest in the market or choosing what’s listed on the package as "good for video".
When it comes to video, not all memory cards are best to use.

SDHC vs SDXC – Which is better?

SD stands for Secure Digital which is a type of memory card that is small, portable, and (if you're old enough) reminds you of having a much smaller type of floppy disk or removable storage.

The cool thing is SD cards can be used for photos, videos, or audio files across multiple devices like a voice recorder or camera.

SDHC and SDXC are still memory cards but the HC stands for High Capacity and can store up to 32GB or storage, and the XC stands for Extended Capacity, now able to store, in recent cards, up the 2TB of data.

That's 2,000 Gigabytes of storage! 


Issues with Smaller SD Card Sizes on the ZV-E10

The launch of the Sony ZV-E10 circulated all over the content creation community. 

The Sony ZV-E10 is an incredible camera that has perfect features that vloggers really love but when it comes to the memory card, it has some requirements.

The Sony ZV-E10 has a single SD memory card slot that supports the UHS-I SD Cards.

When using this camera with a memory card that can only hold data 32GB and lower, your footage will be broken up into 4GB files; not great news for creators that are recording 30-40 minutes or a longer hour of show.

Even though the camera continues to record unlimited amounts of video, the files on the memory card will break up into smaller file sizes.

If you're using an SDXC memory card, you will not have this issue and your file sizes will exceed beyond 4GB leaving you with one single video file.



What's the Best Memory Card for Video Creators Using the Sony ZV-E10?

The SanDisk Extreme Pro and SanDisk Extreme Memory Cards are some of the best memory cards for the Sony ZV-E10 if you are specifically recording video content or video podcasts.

These are amazing memory cards that worked for me tremendously well over the last five years. They are built and tested for rough uses in harsh conditions.

Sandisk boasts about the performance of their Sandisk Extreme Pro cards noting that they're:

  • Temperature proof
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • X-Ray proof

I've found all of these features to be super beneficial when traveling and occasionally dropping memory cards, going through the various airport scans, and just general use of your memory card.

Even dropping a memory card on a recently mopped floor makes the waterproof feature of the Sandisk Extreme cards super valuable to any creator!


What memory card speed class should be recommended for capturing video?

For the Sony ZV-E10, it is best to use a memory card that is 64GB or larger incapacity or the SDXC memory cards and that is a Class 10 Card.

You'll know it's a Class 10 card when you see the number 10 circled on the face of the memory card. Cards of lower-class ratings tend to perform terribly for video.


What size memory card do I need for video?

I highly recommend using at least 128GB on the SanDisk Extreme Pro and SanDisk Extreme Memory Cards, and 258GB if you are doing a lot of video recording.

⚡️Pro-Tip ⚡️

If you are going to use the SanDisk memory cards, I highly encourage you to get the SanDisk memory card readers.

The SanDisk Card Reader USB 3.0 and the SanDisk Extreme PRO USB-C Card Reader will get you the fastest read speeds available on the memory card.

The memory card Read Speed is how fast your memory card transfers data from the card to your computer. The memory card Write Speed is how fast it writes data, video footage in this case, from the camera to the memory card.

The speeds shown on the face of the card are always the Read speed. The speed to always watch for, especially when recording 4k video files, is the Write Speeds. The Write speeds are usually only shown in the sales description on the back of the memory card package.

The Write Speed for the Sandisk memory cards are:

  • Sandisk Extreme: Up to 70MB/s [128GB-256GB Sized Memory Cards] 
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro: Up to 90MB/s


SanDisk Card Reader USB 3.0


SanDisk Extreme PRO USB-C



Final Thoughts

Picking the right gear and accessories can make content creation more difficult or much easier.

If you own or are planning to own the new Sony ZV-E10 camera, check out the best accessories for this camera for video content creators.



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