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The Best Memory Card for the Rodecaster Pro

The Best Memory Card for the Rodecaster Pro

Mar 09, 2021

The Best Memory Card for the Rodecaster Pro

If you've just purchased the Rodecaster Pro or currently adding to cart all the things you need to buy alongside your Rodecaster Pro, be sure to add the right memory card.

The last thing you want to do is get to a place where you're frustrated because you're ready to record your next podcast or interview and your memory card is showing little to no space available.

Here's a quick video if you prefer a visual example, or you can skip down to the recommended memory card to use.




I recommend only using Sandisk or Samsung MicroSD cards with the Rodecaster Pro

The Rode has listed only specific brands to use with the Rodecaster Pro and they agree to only use Sandisk or Samsung MicroSD memory cards.

Some cards don't have what's needed to properly write to the card and sometimes can result in an error message.

It's not worth landing an important podcast interview, only to have your memory card become corrupt or not work properly.

What size memory card should you use with the Rodecaster Pro?

I recommend getting a 256GB size memory card. 

With the introduction of the Clubhouse audio on app creating waves in the social media space, other social media platforms also are hopping on board for fear of being left behind and creation audio-only social platforms.

So, getting a larger card paid off, and having a couple of 32GB and 64GB microSD cards on hand as backups also have helped.

Here's the card I use and recommend:

Samsung EVO 256GB MicroSD card (Purchase on Amazon here. Affiliate Link)

All the memory cards Rode recommends for use with the Rodecaster Pro

Rode produced a list on their website that includes all the memory cards they recommend.

However, I've narrowed down this list further to those size memory cards that will actually be the most helpful as a content-creating entrepreneur.

Highly Recommended Memory Cards for Rodecaster Pro:


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