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How to Remove the Background Noise in Your Videos FOR FREE!

How to Remove the Background Noise in Your Videos FOR FREE!

Aug 09, 2021

How to Remove the Hiss in Your Videos 

Are you noticing a hissing sound in your videos?

Background noise on your videos sucks. Even though you’ve invested in a microphone that can filter background noise, your camera may not or you're still picking up environmental noises. 

When you are using a mirrorless camera you may not experience this because it has a better preamp.

But if you are using older DSLR Cameras like Nikon and Canon this could be your struggle.

Don't be annoyed. There is a quick, easy, and free way to adjust your audio and remove unwanted background noise on your video in just 2 minutes.



This software is the answer to your problem.

This is an incredible tool used by podcasters to clean their audio offering a free version for a 2-hours length of audio processing per month.

Hissing sound when combined with music can become irritating to the ears of your viewers but Auphonic can help normalize that audio quality removing most of the noise.

It's super simple to use and if you have an audio track you want to fix, let's dive in!


In this tutorial, I’ll be using my latest video that was recorded with a shotgun microphone in an untreated environment with the air conditioner on. 


Go to and create your account.

Once you’re on the Auphonic dashboard, click New Production.


Import your file by selecting "Choose File" on the right-hand side of the panel.

You'll know your file is successfully uploaded when the file name appears as "Current File:..."


In this example, to remove the background noise, I select the

  • Adaptive Leveler
  • Filtering and Noise
  • and Hum Reduction

If your file's loudness needs to be set to a specific level, for example, podcasts, when you select "Loudness Normalization" the "Loudness Target" become selectable and you can select the preset setting that best fits your needs.


The Adaptive Leveler corrects and balances the overall loudness of the audio.

Filtering cleans up unnecessary and unwanted noise in the audio.

Noise and Hum Reduction automatically remove noise and hum in the audio.

I always leave the Reduction Amount to Auto and set the Loudness Target into -16 LUFS when needed.

After setting all this, click Start Production.

You can remain on the page and/or wait to receive an email confirming when your file is complete.


Add the Edited Audio File to Your Video Editor

Whether you're using a professional video editing tool or not, once you've cleaned and edited your audio you can now reattach it to the video file.

In Final Cut Pro, you can add this file as a Compound Clip to merge the audio and video files into one main file as if it were the original audio. 


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