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Best Cheap Lapel Mic for Video | Lapel Mic Comparison

Sep 06, 2021

There are tons of cheap lapel mics on Amazon for YouTube video creation, but are they any good?

I compared some budget-friendly mics that all are under $100 to see which microphone sounds the best, which are stronger, and which sound terrible for the price.

These lapel mic tests are done both in-camera on the Sony a6600 and using the Rode Wireless Go II wireless microphone unit.

Note: The audio levels are set as the mics change to also test the mics sensitivity levels at a normal speaking range.

\\ Microphones Tested //

- Rode Smartlav+

**For Smartphones: 

** For Cameras: 

**Rode Wireless Go 2: 

- Pop Voice Microphone: 

- YelloWay Lapel Mic: 

- Purple Panda: 

- Comica Boomx-D Lapel: